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Board Advisory

Advisory Board, Board Advisory, Think Tank, Steering Committee, Consultative Body etc. etc. These are all just derivatives or variations of the same thing.

An Advisory Board comprises members of a structured panel, who collaboratively advise and support an organization with their specific areas of expertise, experience, industry track record and/or relational influence.

Why is a well-conceived and structured and managed Advisory Board, so essential to achieving successful outcomes?

We can’t control the outcome of our dreams and desires. We can, however, give ourselves the best chance of having them realized.

How can we do this?

By clearly defining, recognizing, accepting, and appreciating our current individual and organizational gaps or limitations, and exercising the humility to seek out objective guidance from those individuals who are closely aligned with your mission, method, strategy, and outcome, so they can help improve and refine the areas in your personal and organizational structure that are outside of your core competency.

How can BMG Advisors add value?

We won’t know how and if we can add value, until we understand what it is that you need.

All BMG Advisors are aligned with our core values and those of our client partners. They are a peer endorsed and nominated network of experts in their field, who have enjoyed success and have established reputational excellence and leadership.

How has BMG Advisors helped others?

These are a just a few examples of areas in which Advisors have provided valuable expertise:

  • Defining, Delineating and Developing the Board Charter

  • Mission Statement Development, Values Statement, Strategic Plan, Marketing Strategy

  • Best Practices in Governance & Structure; incl. Agenda Development, Reporting, Communications etc.

  • Fit-for-Purpose Board Member Selection

  • Commercial engagement and board member renumeration.

  • Meeting Growth and Scale Objectives.

  • Supporting Company Transitions

  • Problem Solving, Addressing Business Challenges and Crisis Management

  • Funding, M&A and Exit Strategy Preparation and Implementation

To schedule a confidential call if you would like to learn more about how a BMG Board Advisor can be of value, click here.

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