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It was 1999, and I had just been thrust into my first real job. I was purchasing for a fledgling medical supplies distributor, who seemed constantly short on funds, but was demonstrating real traction, in the local, Los Angeles nursing home market.

It was one of my first days of work and a silver haired, deeply tanned gentleman, walked into my office in pressed white shirt and slacks and a matching Gucci belt and loafers.

“Marvin Stevens, son” he said with a handshake. “I own an independent healthcare product rep group, called Marvin Stevens and Associates.

He made himself comfortable by sitting himself down and as I introduced myself, he stopped me and said “Let me tell you boychick, you got something everyone in business would want, an Australian accent. Never lose it. There are all kinds of people, many not so memorable, but, keep the accent, and they will remember you”.

And so, I met my first (of many) mentors.

The internet was in its nascent stage and there was scant information to be found online. So, he took me under his wing. He would bring me vendor catalogs and patiently answer my never ending stream of questions. He graciously introduced me to friends, clinicians and other colleagues in the healthcare

I miss Marvin. He passed away at a ripe old age a number of years back. When he was no longer able to work, I would call him often, just to chat.

He was a class act. Always with a wide grinned, pearly white smile that set the room at ease.

He set me on my path and thank G-d, I’ve never looked back.

Everyone needs a Marvin Stevens (or two) of their own.

Over the years, I have tried to mentor in kind.

Many who seek advice simply need an empathetic ear to help them overcome the impediment of fear and reach for their potential.

Reach out. There are wonderful mentors everywhere. You just need to make the decision to want to develop yourself and refine your approach.

If you would like to arrange a call or meeting, click here and we will set something up.

Today’s interconnected world is much flatter, and an Aussie accent might not represent the same novelty as it once did, but rest assured, we all have a uniquely individual soul, whose potential is

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