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Mergers and Acquisitions

Although companies change hands every day, buying and selling can mean many things and take many different forms.

Who or what is the Buyer or Seller? What kind of transaction is it? How will the Buyer finance the deal, and what does the Seller receive?

These are just a few of the critically important considerations in any given M&A deal.

Business owners, need expert support when the time comes to sell their business or make acquisitions. They often do not know anything about M&A because they have been focused on their own business and not on the business of buying and selling companies.

When a Buyer and Seller are negotiating a deal, they’re on opposite sides of the table. The Buyer wants to get the best, (that is, lowest) price, and the Seller wants to get the best (that is, highest) price. Great deals only get done when Buyer and Seller find common ground and agree to price and terms.

Our M&A Advisors can either lead the process or provide support for Buyers or Sellers with:


  1. Taking the First Steps to buying or selling a Company

  2. Compiling a Target List

  3. Contacting the Targets

  4. Sending a “blind teaser” if you’re selling or asking for an executive summary if you’re buying

  5. Signing a Confidentiality Agreement document

  6. Sending an offering document (AKA, the deal book) if you’re selling, or reviewing the offering you’re buying

  7. Asking for an indication of interest if you’re selling or submitting one if you’re buying

  8. Conducting Management Meetings

  9. Asking for a formal, non-binding, LOI (letter of intent) if you’re selling or submitting one if you’re buying

  10. Participating in Due Diligence

  11. Crafting a Purchase Agreement

  12. Attending Closing

  13. Dealing with post-closing adjustments and integration

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