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Procurement & Purchasing

Procurement and purchasing can be the most critically important functions of a successful organization.

The main difference between them is that purchasing only focuses on order costs and how to lower them, whereas procurement focuses on the overall value creation and total costs throughout the purchasing cycle. Procurement is the umbrella term that covers other purchasing activities and ultimately aims to manage supplier relationships, risk mitigation, lowering costs and contract compliance.

Bloated and top-heavy P&P departments can severely drain cash flow, whilst running an anemic and inexperienced department will runs the risk of impeding potential growth.

Our expert advisors can be available to fully develop your P&P Department from ground up, or to improve and streamline your existing practices.

Our ever-expanding list of satisfied and loyal clients have realized significant COGS savings as well as the peace of mind knowing that the “who, what, how and why” of their vendor partners have been carefully curated with a view to maximizing growth potential and brand reputational excellence.

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