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Product Distribution

As a manufacturer or developer of a new product, you will want to be sure that your product has the best chance of successful commercialization, while being made available to the maximum amount of end users and in the most convenient, timely and cost-effective way possible.

Commercially successful products happen because the right decisions were made by the right people at the time that the distribution channel strategy was developed.

The distribution strategy can vary from being sold direct to consumer, without any intermediary, or through a series of wholesalers, retailers, brokers or other, that ultimately push the product closer to the customer, each at their price and with their added value.

Consider working with our network of distribution advisors, who have successfully commercialized billions of dollars of annual revenue over their storied careers both in the US and International Markets.

They have proven to be an invaluable resource to organizations and can help with planning a distribution strategy as well as leveraging their extensive relationship network for generating product sales.

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