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Welcome to BMG Advisors

Pioneers in Healthcare Market Success


At BMG Advisors, we specialize in transforming possibilities into realities in the healthcare market. Our extensive experience and deep integration within the industry make us your ideal partner for navigating its complexities and opportunities.


About Us
Our Misson

Our Mission

Expanding Your Reach in the Healthcare Industry

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Why BMG?

Why Choose BMG?

Unparalleled Network: We are proudly embedded in over 150 distributors and collaborate with every major distributor in the country. This expansive network positions us uniquely to amplify your reach and success.

Expert Guidance: Our team of experts, recognized for their career reputation and excellence, provides insights and strategies tailored to your specific needs in the healthcare sector.

Comprehensive Solutions: Whether you are involved in manufacturing, distribution, or any aspect of healthcare provision, our wide-ranging expertise is at your service to address every challenge and seize every opportunity.


Our areas of expertise include:

Company Direction

Deal Structuring and Support

Procurement and Purchasing

Business Planning

Business Development

Marketing Strategy

Mergers and Acquisitions

Board Advisory

Regulatory Compliance

General and Business Mediation

Sales Effectiveness

Supply Chain

Leveraging AI


Product Distribution


Medicine Boxes

Our Principal

Headshot Meyer Greenbaum_edited.jpg

Hi there.

My name is Meyer Greenbaum.

I'm a native Australian, living in Los Angeles, together with my wife and family since 1999.

I serve as the Principal of BMG Advisors and the CEO of the Cutting Edge Platform.

Having partnered with Fortune 20 companies to small self-employed startups, I am blessed to have spent my entire business career immersed in healthcare and advisory services. Together through these partnerships, my clients have evolved into industry leaders in their respective markets - nationally and internationally.

I get genuinely excited by the science of business. The flow, the thrill, the experiences and the tangible opportunity that it generates. Most importantly, I truly enjoy people and appreciate the intrinsic value of each individual soul and their infinite and unique potential.

I like to say that I am in the Business of Soul(s), and I have a unique ability to see and bring out that potential in anyone willing to grow.


My personal and business philosophy is simple: spend your time and energy doing what you love with the people that you love spending time with.

My mission is six easy to remember words. ThinkGood.BeGood.DoGood


I look forward to growing with you.

Our Principal
Doctor and Patient

Our Values

A man once visited a wise man and asked him, "teach me all the wisdom in the world while I stand on one foot" the wise man answered, "that which is hateful to you do not do to another, all other teachings are but commentary".

-Talmud, Shabbat. 31a

At BMG, our Principal and advisor partners work with individuals and companies to identify areas of opportunity and leverage our extensive industry know-how to ensure their successful realization.

Our Values
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